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Veritad Financial Services was a new full service accounting firm in Colorado. We started by discovering and capturing the key values of the brand — honesty, trustworthiness, confidence. From there we worked with the client to create a name that would be unique as well as highlight their values. Veritad grew out of a combination of veritas, a Latin word meaning truth, and verdad Spanish for the same.

Once the name was created we worked to create a visual identity to showcase the brand and convey the values. We created the logo as the apex of the visual brand, supported by the designs, fonts, and color palettes.


Next we covered the end-to-end process of creating the new website. To start, we created a sitemap to funnel customers into the right information either from a business or a personal need. Customers also have easy access to their Veritad Client Portal from anywhere on the site via the login in the ultra top navigation.

We built the website to be fully responsive to Veritad customers can easily navigate the site on any device.