Work with Us

Holistic Creative partners with companies as they embark on the most crucial months of founding, building, or pivoting their business.

Together we will help you establish a strong foundation for your business by focusing on business and brand fundamentals including:


  • Business plan 
  • Business coaching and mentorship
  • Tools and platforms for business success
  • Business strategy
  • Product/market fit
  • Demographic and market analysis
  • Customer acquisition and sales process
  • Customer experience and persona building
  • Succession planning


  • Brand strategy
  • Naming and branding
  • Brand story
  • Logo development 
  • Content development 
  • Website development
  • Marketing campaign development
  • Community building strategy including email and social media

Our commitment to helping you succeed is unwavering.

How do we do it? We prioritize the essentials and walk alongside founders for a year and a half. We believe in helping businesses get their start and partnering with them as they build a strong foundation for their company.

We’re experts at creating powerful logos and building high-performing websites. But, that’s just one facet of what you’ll get when we work together. Most importantly, we are a value-partner and guide. We help you avoid common pitfalls and vastly increase efficiency so you can reach success faster and have the knowledge to make wise business decisions for years to come.

Looking for more specific support instead of the partnership? We offer a variety of flexible options and look forward to exploring what will best serve your company.


Partner with us

We built our partnership offering for your greatest success. We partner with you for 18 months so that you aren’t left trying to piece together disparate one-off business components. 

Our monthly mentorship complements the tangible work we do. You will have the space to ask your burning questions, a sounding board for your challenges and worries, and the encouragement to empower you during one of the most strenuous seasons of your life.

Alternatively, we offer project-specific or hourly support options to help you reach your goals in select areas.

Bring what you have

Whether you already have a brand or website or are starting from scratch, our package and hourly support options meet you where you are to help your business evolve to the next level. We audit all the existing components you have and build on your company’s strengths while filling in any gaps.

Go forth boldly

Our goal is to equip you for long-term success. 

Wisdom, solid knowledge, and a brand foundation that will serve your company well for years to come

Brand components including key research findings, a logo, brand guide, and brand story

A website with rich content and visuals that is optimized for SEO, user experience, and conversions

We'll stick with you

We are available for ongoing support with our hourly offering if you wish to continue working with us after your partnership or project concludes.


Are we right for you?

We take a select number of clients and truly get to know them so we can deliver exactly what will give them the best return on investment.


We offer an 18-month partnership package and provide a number of alternative flexible support options as well. We look forward to exploring the ways we can help propel your business.


During the 18-month partnership, we will meet with you monthly. We will also touch base often as we work to support you and complete all things brand and website.

Let's get to know each other.

Please fill out our client application.


Our mission is to partner with you to help you envision where you want to take your business, meet your short and long term goals, and engage your audience in a meaningful way.

Holistic Creative