Ladybug Counseling

Custom Branding and Design

Brand Design

Rita Stevermer of Ladybug Counseling is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in child therapy. She was in the founding stages of her private practice when she first engaged with us to bring her brand visuals to life.

During our initial meeting with Rita, we discovered that the whimsy and curiosity of children resonate deeply with her and that she is drawn to a Joanna Gaines style aesthetic. We also explored the balance between reaching parents/guardians (the decision makers and therefore her primary target market) with a level of sophistication while also incorporating a level of playfulness that reflects the work Rita does with her young clients (her secondary target market).


The mood boards we created for Rita emphasize playfulness through color palette, sophistication and tenderness through fonts and white space, and whimsy through illustrations and watercolor imagery.

While ladybug imagery was prominent on initial boards, we came to the conclusion together, with Rita, that ladybugs were best left to the imagination. We decided instead to simply allude to them in the brand visuals as is shown in the final mood board; this is how the red dots in the logo came to be.

This project demonstrates that there can be beauty in subtlety and that sometimes the most powerful visuals leave room for imagination.