Four Reasons Building an Email List Still Matters; image of group of people gathered in Joshua Tree

If You’re Not Building An Email List You Need To

By Brittany Bach | Feb 17, 2021

In spite of numerous social media platforms and options for building community, building an email list still matters. With Clubhouse on the horizon and the seemingly ubiquitous nature of Instagram, the community building landscape has more options than ever before. If you’ve been wondering how email fits in this sometimes dizzying sea of options, this…

Writer creating better blogging content

Better Blog Content with Five Approachable Steps

By Brittany Bach | Jul 14, 2020

Focus your content creation efforts using these five approachable steps for better blog content. Whether you’re new to blogging or have several posts behind you, it can be challenging to know where to start to increase the value of your content. While there are many ways to improve blog content, this post focuses on five…

The Best Tools and Platforms for entrepreneurs and small business owners

The Best Tools, Apps, and Platforms for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

By Brittany Bach | Apr 14, 2020

Sourcing and implementing the right set of tools and platforms can significantly impact traction and efficiency for entrepreneurs and small business owners. After experimenting with a variety of platforms and tools and helping our clients source the right ones for their needs, we’ve compiled a best-of list. About this list To start, our list is…

Four Practices for Building a Resilient Brand

Four Practices for Building a Resilient Brand

By Brittany Bach | Feb 27, 2020

Keeping your clients and customers at the center of what you do is one of the single most important actions you can take as a business founder and owner. Moreover, this idea is foundational to the four practices for building a resilient brand that I’m going to cover in this post. When it comes to…

Marketing Truths You Need to Know

Myth or Truth: Check Your Marketing Beliefs and Assumptions

By Brittany Bach | Jun 28, 2019

Marketing myth or truth? In short, have you recently examined the validity of what you believe to be true about marketing? In this post, I’m talking about the truths you need to know and what to do with them. Each of our clients have their own collection of beliefs they have assumed and advice they…

Joyful Anticipation and Free Holiday Downloads

By Brittany Bach | Dec 11, 2018

We come to you bearing gifts! As in free holiday downloads for gift tags, a greeting card, and tech backgrounds (desktop, phone, iPad). Plus, we’re sharing a bit about what’s coming in 2019. We really love the holiday season and are so excited to be celebrating Holistic Creative’s first Christmas. We are feeling extra joy…

How to Avoid Generic Visuals and Create a Strong, Engaging, Timeless Brand

By Brittany Bach | Oct 15, 2018

  Developing an impactful brand is often easier said (or thought about) than done. Just as the media influences our subconscious thoughts and ideas about beauty, the brands we have been exposed to over our lifetime influence our thoughts and ideas about logos, fonts, and more. It is so deep within us that we often…

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