About Us

Make your goals a reality. We’re here to help you create a solid foundation for success.

We provide valuable mentorship and deliver tangible results.

Be confident in your next steps. Holistic Creative helps founders and marketing leaders gain knowledge, clarity, and wisdom for success.

When it comes to branding and marketing, there’s a gap between freelance-contractors who specialize in select areas and full-service agencies. For business creation and development, accessible (non-traditional) startup accelerators and mentorship programs are nearly non-existent.

We created a partnership program centered around brand and business coaching and essentials so that you have another option.




Strategist & Content Expert

Britt is a content and strategy devotee. She is dedicated to helping individuals and companies create solid foundations to grow their businesses in a meaningful way according to their unique goals. 

Best known for her keen ability to understand a brand’s unique value and bring it to life, Britt values curiosity, ongoing experimentation, and no-fluff encouragement.




Our collective experience includes:

Brand and Business Strategy

Startup Mentorship

Community Building and Engagement

Content Development

Market Research

Marketing Growth

Website Creation


Branding Including Logo Design

Visual Design

User Experience

Customer Empathy

We are Holistic.

We believe that the best marketing resonates with an audience on a deeper level and leaves them feeling something that isn’t quickly forgotten.

We believe in delivering a personalized approach and high-value offerings to help our clients best meet their goals.

We believe in living life and conducting business with empathy while considering whole people and whole companies.

We believe business goals can be met or exceeded without sacrificing authenticity.

We believe that visuals are powerful and a logo should give a glimpse of the bigger story being told. 

We believe that the user’s experience is an important opportunity not to be neglected and that every person’s time is valuable. 

We believe in the power of communities that are connected in meaningful ways. 

We believe in making our corner of the world a better place each day in how we live and work. 

We really like what we do.

We look forward to connecting with you!


Our mission is to partner with you to help you envision where you want to take your business, meet your short and long term goals, and engage your audience in a meaningful way.

Holistic Creative