Verdure Health Traditions

Strategic Branding and Design

Jennifer Ulman is a nationally certified and licensed Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practitioner with extensive training and a deep intuitive sense for healing practices. With visions for future expansion, Jennifer came to us with a few key goals in mind and we took the lead on guiding a collaborative process from there.

First, we knew that Jennifer would benefit greatly from a brand beyond her individual brand (Jennifer Ulman, L.AC.) to set her up well for future expansion and the eventual sale of her business in the long-term.

After a naming workshop with Jennifer and some additional research, we gave Jennifer a few naming options including her first choice, Verdure Health Traditions. Verdure means a condition of health and vigor, which is exactly what Jennifer helps restore in her patients, and Health Traditions speaks to the 3,000 year old traditions of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine that Jennifer is carrying forward.

Next, we crafted a custom brand for Verdure Health Traditions including a sumi brush logo and a soft color palette that reflects the sense of calm and healing results patients experience in the care of Jennifer.

With a completely new name and visual brand, we had the perfect brand foundation to incorporate in an entirely new website. Optimized copy, visuals, and navigation plus an emphasis on online booking make it easier for potential patients to find and engage with Jennifer.

A solid brand presence, well-told story, and engaging user experience are building blocks for increased conversions and a thriving practice.


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