Joyful Anticipation and Free Holiday Downloads

We come to you bearing gifts! As in free holiday downloads for gift tags, a greeting card, and tech backgrounds (desktop, phone, iPad). Plus, we’re sharing a bit about what’s coming in 2019.

We really love the holiday season and are so excited to be celebrating Holistic Creative’s first Christmas. We are feeling extra joy this season as we reflect on nearly one year in business. It has been a privilege to support a number of incredible clients.

First of all, thank you for following along and cheering us on in our first year! If you’re new, we are delighted you’re here!
Second, in the spirit of the joy of the season, we are sharing some free holiday downloads including tech backgrounds, holiday gift tag templates, and a card design.

The tags, designed by Steph, feature whimsical holiday illustrations by artist Rhian AwniWe printed a smaller version of the tags to include as a gift within our holiday cards.

Last but not least, we are making an unbranded version of our 2018 holiday card (also featuring an illustration by Rhian Awni) available.

The card design is versatile and works well for friends, family, clients, or professional contacts. We are so happy with how these cards look when printed on pearlescent paper (we went with Shutterfly for this project). While we highly recommend this option, you can print these anywhere, even at home.

Finally, our wish for you this season is that you will make space for rest and quality time with those you love. We hope the holidays provide an opportunity for peaceful reflection and joyful anticipation of all that’s to come.

Celebrate what you’ve dreamed up, accomplished, and learned this year. Let your mind wander as you imagine all the possibilities for 2019 and beyond.

To support you in all that’s to come, we are excited to share a lot of great new content and resources in 2019. Think downloadable guides, reference sheets, templates, and more. 

We want to help more individuals and businesses set and reach their goals. As much as we enjoy working one-on-one with you, and will continue to do so, we recognize this isn’t always feasible for every project or every client. If there’s anything specific on your resource wish list, leave us a note in the comments!

In all we do, our mission is to support you in all your brand and strategy goals! Don’t miss out on what’s coming. Sign up to receive our newsletter, including exclusive subscriber content.


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Click to Download    –   Gift Tag Templates


Click to Download    –    Desktop | iPhone 6/8/+ iPad/Tablet


Click to Download    –    Desktop iPhone 6/8/+ iPad/Tablet


Click to Download    –    Desktop 


Click to Download    –    Desktop iPhone 6/8/+ iPad/Tablet


Click to Download    –    Desktop 

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