Myth or Truth: Check Your Marketing Beliefs and Assumptions

Marketing myth or truth? In short, have you recently examined the validity of what you believe to be true about marketing?

In this post, I’m talking about the truths you need to know and what to do with them.

Each of our clients have their own collection of beliefs they have assumed and advice they have heard.

Some of the beliefs and advice are truths; they align with what marketing data demonstrates. Other information is questionable or simply untrue. Whether dated and/or contradictory to what research, experimentation, and testing show to be true, some beliefs are myths; let’s debunk them!

While the list of myths we hear continues to grow, there are five big ones that really stand out.

Not only are these five myths well-circulated — they are harmful, or unhelpful at best, to any company’s marketing efforts.

We are singing the corresponding truths to these myths from a mountain top. Anyone who is helping to oversee marketing at a company deserves to know.

So, what are they?

Before we continue, head to the G2 Learning Hub to explore Five Common Marketing Myths and the Truths You Need to Know.

Summary of the article Five Common Marketing Myths and the Truths You Need to Know on the G2 Learning Hub

Wherever you may be on your marketing journey, this article is full of helpful information. Empower yourself to make educated decisions and better optimize your marketing efforts.

But, don’t simply skim the article and move on with your day. Next, put your knowledge into action.

To start, pick a couple of items that are relevant to you. Then, create an implementation task or plan. This is a great opportunity to level-up.

Debunk marketing myths and make a plan based on truth.

Then, consider what resources you will need to be successful. Block out the necessary time needed or choose the enlist the help of a professional. Choose a realistic stretch goal and outline the components required.

In conclusion, always prioritize time to work on your business in addition to working in your business. This includes examining the validity of the marketing information Furthermore, know when to enlist the support of a professional so you can continue to prioritize time for what you are best at. The health of your company depends on it.

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